We read in Proverbs 4:24 that we should guard our hearts because it is the wellspring of life. Unfortunately in today’s age it is not as easy to protect our children’s hearts with the exposure from what they see and hear in the media. Media in itself is not bad; it is the content of the media that we should be concerned of.  As our children grow older it is impossible to protect them from everything they see and hear. That is why it is important to build resilience from a young age.


How do we develop resilience?

Hettie Brittz explains in her book “Kweek dissipline with deernis”  that we need to teach our children to be able to place media content into the following categories, these categories she got from from Erich Posthumus (a youth ministry expert):


This is media content that should not be allowed at all. Things like pornography, violence exceeding our Child’s age restriction and immoral values are examples.

Junk food

This is content that are excellent for relaxation like comics strips and video games. The content is not bad for you, but extensive exposure to this content is definitely not uplifting and there should be a balance.

Healthy food

We should have more of this. This is content that enrich, uplift and is educational.


This is content that is enrich our spirit.

Be their HeartGuardian

When our children are still young we should be their filters while they can not do this categorization. We should be their HeartGuardians. As they grow older they should be taught to ask the necessary questions to know in what category the media content falls into.

This site aims to make it easier to find Healthy food and medicine content for our children. Content that falls into these categories are deemed to be a HeartSafe resources.

For more about resilience, watch this short video insert courtesy of the Evergreen Parenting. Evergreen Parenting empower parents and educators with advice, resources and training. 


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