Shirley Erwee is a homeschooling mom of 6, author and home education activist who provides learning materials for South African homeschoolers and parent guides to empower and equip home educating parents.

She is the author of two books on homeschooling in South Africa, namely Homeschooling the Primary Years and Homeschooling High School

She also provides various downloadable webinar courses for parents starting out and facing high school homeschooling at

In partnership with Wendy Young, Shirley created the Footprints On Our Land South African homeschool curriculum series and the informative website at

She is also the author of a preschool programme for homeschoolers, ABC Fun & 1-2-3 and she  runs a preschool website focusing on homeschooling little children at

In 2016, she launched offering an online GED® course for students to prepare for the GED® tests, a matric solution for many homeschoolers.

Shirley speaks as a homeschooling expert at home education events and has been interviewed on television and on various radio programmes, such as SAFm, Ofm, Whalecoast FM as well as 567 CapeTalk.

We asked Shirley a view questions. Listen to her inspirational interview here.

Please supply us with a bit of detail about your family’s homeschooling journey thus far.

Were you at any stage disillusioned about anything with regards to homeschooling? What are your biggest challenges as a home school parent? What do you hold onto during difficult or challenging times?

What will make the home school journey worth while in the end for you? Can you share some lessons learnt during your journey... or maybe include good characteristics that you or your children have learnt along the way.

If you could give advice to a Home school parent that have just started their home school journey what would it be? Maybe you can share your favourite ‘bag of tricks’?

Every Home school parent knows the question: but what about socialization? What is your opinion on subject?

What was your funniest response to someone asking why your child is not in school?


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