The Pestalozzi Trust was made aware earlier in the day through unofficial channels that the Council of Education Ministers (CEM) has met and approved the draft Policy on Home Education. We must stress that this is not an official response from the Ministry of Education.

As the home education movement is aware, the Pestalozzi Trust had received credible information Friday a week ago that this was going to occur and we worked through the week-end to launch a write-in campaign.

Thanks to your efforts that campaign was highly successful, with some reports saying that over 1000 letters were sent to the Ministry. While we had hoped that the Minister would act in a democratic fashion and listen to the requests of home educators we had strong grounds for expecting that the Ministry and the Education Department have a pre-determined outcome that they desire. Therefore, we also had to take a more realistic view that the Minister would not listen to your requests and plan for that eventuality. Our response will be forthcoming on the following days and weeks, after we have officially corroborated the outcome of the meeting.

If in fact the draft Policy has been passed through CEM in spite of your requests to have the opportunity to approach your elected representatives as informed citizens, this will greatly strengthen our court case. We have 1000 pieces of evidence that neither the Minister or the DBE are willing to engage in meaningful consultation with the home education movement. Consultation with the governed is a pillar of our constitution and the courts will readily strike down policy, regulations and even laws where public input has been ignored.

Thank you again. Your actions over the last week have strengthened our case immeasurably and we have taken a vital step to secure your, your children and your grandchildren’s right to home education.

The Chairman of the Trust, Bouwe van der Eems, is awaiting an official confirmation from the Ministry. We will keep members informed of developments. More information to follow.

The Trust is not at this time asking members to take any further actions.


Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.



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